CX148 Orac Coving

CX148 Orac Coving

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The CX148 coving is part of the "Linear Mini" collection, which includes the CX149 coving and CX150 coving. This coving benefits from attractive lines, that are normally only found on larger profiles. Choose the Orac Axxent CX148 if you are looking to create an elegant appearance on a tight budget, or in rooms with low ceilings.

Orac CX148 cornice or coving is a House Martin Interiors cornice. This cornice profile measures 4.3 x 2.9cm with a 5.4cm diagonal. CX148 convex cornice has a convex upper, straight lower with line detailing. Lower and standard ceiling heights are the best room sizes for this coving. Low voltage cabling can be installed in the void.

Supplied with a coat of undercoat pre-applied, this speeds up finishing. Flexible coving is designed for curved walls where a bend is needed (radius minimum 1.8m).

Designed as classic decorative cornice for smaller rooms such as bathroom cornice, hall cornice, bedroom cornice, box room cornice, study cornice and kitchen cornice. A comprehensive range of dado panel mouldings and skirting boards can be used with the CX148 cornice. Matching mouldings could include the PX103 dado panel moulding, PX117 dado panel moulding, PX144 dado panel moulding, the SX122 skirting board, SX137 skirting board, and SX105 skirting board.

Order a sample of CX148 below.

Install using the correct adhesives.

4.3cm high x 2.9cm deep x 200cm long.

Void: 1.8cm x 1.7cm x 2.3cm diagonal.

Light weight resilient man-made Duropolymer®.

Technical drawing PDF

Coving installation guide

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