Architrave Mouldings & Door Surrounds

Orac Architrave Mouldings We have many styles of architrave mouldings and door surrounds to choose from. This architrave combines durability and design with ease of fitting by professional or DIY customers. Many of the styles can be matched with our skirting boards. The finishing touches of any room can make all the difference to its overall appearance. See below the choice of architrave designs available.

This architrave will not warp, crack or rot like conventional wood architrave or MDF architrave and has a more traditional feel than PVCu architrave or plastic architrave. Orac Decor architrave is installed in many exclusive worldwide developments, see our project pages. Select our architrave designs for waterproof architrave, shockproof architrave, the ultimate in knock resistant mouldings.

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D200 Corner Block
9.6cm H x 9.6cm W x 3cm...
Price: €12.00
(10.00 exc. VAT)
D210 Corner Block
9.6cm H x 9.6cm W x 3.5...
Price: €12.66
(10.55 exc. VAT)
D310 Pedestal
24.9cm H x 9.5cm W x 3....
Price: €23.46
(19.55 exc. VAT)
D330LR Floor Element
16cm H x 12.6cm W x 4.1...
Price: €28.30
(23.58 exc. VAT)
D340 Plinth
11cm H x 7cm W x 2cm P
Price: €16.52
(13.77 exc. VAT)
DX119 Architrave Moulding
9.2 x 2.2 x 230cm
Price: €31.18
(25.98 exc. VAT)
DX121 Panel Moulding
9.4 x 2.3 x 230cm
Price: €32.16
(26.80 exc. VAT)
DX170 Architrave Moulding
11.9 x 3.2 x 230cm
Price: €54.52
(45.43 exc. VAT)
DX174 Architrave Moulding
6cm x 2.2cm x 230cm
Price: €19.82
(16.52 exc. VAT)
DX174F Flexible Moulding
6cm x 2.2cm x 200cm
Price: €108.12
(90.10 exc. VAT)
P101A Moulding Corner
24.5 x 24.5 x 2.4 cm
Price: €23.68
(19.73 exc. VAT)
P20 Decorative Rose
6.1 Dia. x 0.8cm H
Price: €7.06
(5.88 exc. VAT)
SX157 Multi Functional
1.3cm x 6.6cm x 200cm
Price: €14.08
(11.73 exc. VAT)
SX159 Multi Functional
1.2cm x 6cm x 200cm
Price: €14.00
(11.67 exc. VAT)
SX162 Multi Functional
4cm x 1cm x 200cm L
Price: €8.92
(7.43 exc. VAT)
SX163 Multi Functional
10.2cm x 1.3cm x 200cm
Price: €19.26
(16.05 exc. VAT)
SX168 Multi Functional
1.4cm x 15.1cm x 200cm
Price: €31.84
(26.53 exc. VAT)
SX182 Multi Functional
1.3cm x 5cm x 200cm
Price: €10.80
(9.00 exc. VAT)
SX183 Multi Functional
1.3cm x 7.5cm x 200cm
Price: €15.96
(13.30 exc. VAT)
SX184 Multi Functional
1.3cm x 11cm x 200cm
Price: €21.14
(17.62 exc. VAT)


Our interior architectural mouldings are made by Orac Decor in Duropolymer and not be confused with DIY plastic architrave, pvc architrave or DIY uPVC architrave. Select a product for full details from Architrave and Door Surrounds Ireland.

Advantages of Orac Decor Architrave

Ready for immediate use: Orac Decor architrave is available from stock and is supplied primed. Wood architrave before installation needs knotting, sanding, priming and undercoat.
Clean: To install Orac Decor architrave only requires adhesive, perfect for refurbishment and new build projects. Wooden architrave is messy and dirty to install, creating considerable amounts of dust. Refurbishments using wooden architrave can damage the existing decoration and infrastructure.
Easy to install architrave: Orac Decor architrave because it is lightweight needs only adhesive to install. There is no need to pin or screw as with wood architrave. Because of this Orac Decor architrave can be installed on to any type of wall, including partitions and board.
Time saving: Orac Decor architrave can be installed much faster and easier compared to installing wood architrave which can be a difficult job taking time and needing additional skills.
Fast finishing: Orac Decor architrave is supplied pre-primed ready for the chosen final coat of paint. Orac Decor architrave has a smooth surface and which does not absorb paint, so only the final coat is required. Wood architrave takes longer to install as it does not come sanded, knotted, primed or with undercoat.
Strong & shock resistant: Orac Decor architrave is tough, hard and difficult to break.
Developing cracks: Orac Decor ‘Extra Fix' fuses the architrave joints to produce extremely strong joints. Wood architrave joints move through ageing, resulting in cracks in the architrave joints.
Suitable in humid environments and exterior use: Orac Decor architrave is completely impervious to moisture. Wood and MDF architrave can take in moisture and therefore much less suitable for humid and exterior environments.

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