External Cornice

Orac External Cornice The House Martin exterior cornice is made from tough polyurethane. This exterior cornice is easy fit, lightweight, low maintenance and cost effective way. Quality external cornice with sharp detailing and finished with exterior paint. All of which translates into a reduction of installation costs.

If you wish to apply the top coat of paint, any of our range of interior Luxxus cornice is just as suitable for exterior use. There is a much larger range of profiles and a significant cost saving.

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BSPC Bespoke Cornice
Any design, any size.
Price: €0.00
C800 External Cornice
6.5 x 5.7 x 200cm
Price: €52.30
(43.58 exc. VAT)
C820 External Cornice
16 x 20 x 244cm
Price: €203.96
(169.97 exc. VAT)
C820A Outer Corner

Price: €90.29
(75.24 exc. VAT)
C820B Inner Corner

Price: €90.29
(75.24 exc. VAT)
C832 External Cornice
23 x 11.4 x 200cm
Price: €202.56
(168.81 exc. VAT)
C835 External Cornice
20.2 x 22.2 x 200cm
Price: €177.18
(147.65 exc. VAT)
C836 External Cornice
27.1 x 26.6 x 200cm
Price: €246.12
(205.11 exc. VAT)