Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian Decorative Full Columns

Decorative Full Columns House Martin offer a wide selection of full columns to suit most requirements. Plinths and shafts can be cut down to create the correct overall height. Alternatively mount your columns on a stone or wooden pier to create additional height. Our columns come pre-painted with primer and can be used for either interior or exterior applications.

Our full column range includes the classic Doric columns, Ionic columns and Corinthian columns, the main difference being the style of the capital. Segmented Columns are useful for both short and tall columns. Column components are listed separately enabling you to create your own individual column design.

Click here for our range of half columns and half column components.

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K1002 Slim Fluted Shaft
199.5cm H x 22cm D
Price: €554.32
(461.95 exc. VAT)
K1102 Slim Plain Shaft
202cm H x 22cm D
Price: €518.76
(432.31 exc. VAT)
K1112 Slim Doric Capital
30cm H x 36.5cm W
Price: €280.70
(233.92 exc. VAT)
K1122 Slim Corinthian Capital
30cm H x 36cm W
Price: €378.40
(315.34 exc. VAT)
K1132 Tall Square Plinth
57.5cm H x 35cm W
Price: €417.26
(347.73 exc. VAT)
K1152 Small Round Plinth
12.5cm H x 32cm D
Price: €185.06
(154.22 exc. VAT)
KC1 Corinthian Column
2.425m H (max)
Price: €1,082.22
(901.88 exc. VAT)
KC2 Corinthian Column
2.875m H (max)
Price: €1,314.42
(1,095.39 exc. VAT)
KC3 Corinthian Column
2.415m H (max)
Price: €1,117.78
(931.51 exc. VAT)
KC4 Corinthian Column
2.865m H (max)
Price: €1,349.98
(1,125.02 exc. VAT)
KD1 Doric Column
2.43m H (max)
Price: €984.52
(820.46 exc. VAT)
KD11 Doric Column
2.12m H (max)
Price: €703.82
(586.54 exc. VAT)
KD2 Doric Column
2.88m H (max)
Price: €1,216.72
(1,013.97 exc. VAT)
KD5 Doric Column
2.42m H (max)
Price: €1,020.08
(850.09 exc. VAT)
KD6 Doric Column
2.87m H (max)
Price: €1,252.28
(1,043.60 exc. VAT)


Choosing your Columns: Our range consists of Doric full columns, Ionic full columns and Corinthian full columns, with fluted, plain and segmented options.  Once the aesthetic choice has been made of style then there are the practical considerations.

All of our full columns are suitable for both internal and external use so this does not effect the decision making process. Consider the width of the column and if an entrance way pair the physical and visual space of the wide and slim columns. Then consider the height. If too short the column can be built up at the base, if too tall the plinth or shaft can be cut. If cutting the shaft check the fit of the housing at the base of the shaft as the plain columns are tapered. Segmented columns can give both a shorter and taller choice as the shaft segments interlock.

If you need to support a structure above insert a steel. Half columns are advantageous here as the two halves can be fitted around the steel. Make good the join and paint over. Alternatively the full column can be filled with cement but be careful adding a little at a time and allowing to set. Filling completely in one go can result in the weight splitting the column.

Please take note of the fitting instructions and use Orac Decor adhesives to ensure a successful installation. When complete simply paint with your chosen finish.