Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian Decorative Pilasters

Orac Decorative Pillars and Pilasters Our Orac Pilaster Collection offers an extensive variety of designs suitable for both Interior and Exterior applications. Each pilaster is made using a plinth, shaft and capital. These can be purchased as sets or individual components.

Easy to fit, just use Orac Decor formulated adhesives to install flat against the wall and finish with the top coat of your of your choice.

Unlike traditional wooden pilasters Orac Decor pilasters will not rot, crack or warp and will easily outlast traditional alternatives when used to frame an external doorway.

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D320 Architrave Plinth
24.8cm x 13.6cm x 2.7cm
Price: €24.22
(20.18 exc. VAT)
K200 Pilaster Shaft
200cm x 13.6cm x 1.9cm
Price: €95.04
(79.20 exc. VAT)
K201 Pilaster Capital
14.9cm x 22.8cm x 6.2cm
Price: €44.44
(37.03 exc. VAT)
K202 Pilaster Plinth
54.1cm x 18.5cm x 4.1cm
Price: €97.42
(81.19 exc. VAT)
K250 Pilaster Shaft
200cm x 27cm x 2.9cm
Price: €320.04
(266.71 exc. VAT)
K251 Pilaster Capital
35cm x 42.5cm x 10.5cm
Price: €189.86
(158.22 exc. VAT)
K254 Pilaster Plinth
53.5cm x 39cm x 6.5cm
Price: €135.48
(112.90 exc. VAT)
P5 Pilaster
2.885m H x 9cm P
Price: €645.38
(537.83 exc. VAT)
P7 Pilaster
2.69m H x 6cm P
Price: €236.90
(197.42 exc. VAT)


Choosing your Pilasters

Largely this is an aesthetic decision, however check the height. If you need to make the pilaster shorter the plinth can be cut. If you want to cut the shaft do so at the base and check it will still fit the housing with the plinth. If you need to make the pilaster taller, build up at the base.

For inspiration, please take a look at our international Projects page.

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